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Learn How to Trade Crude Oil CFDs

Have you ever noticed how crude oil tends to show volatile price movement? These price fluctuations make it tempting for many to trade crude oil, especially now that traders can simply trade oil (WTI) online via a simple platform. This article reviews how and why oil prices move, which factors impact oil price, how traders […]

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How’s Brexit going?

Summary:  The GBP is back under 1.20 USD, the lowest level since January 2017 due to a sharp increase in political risk and a lot of confusion regarding what will happen at the political level by the end of the day. The market situation this morning: the GBP is back under 1.20 USD, the lowest level since […]

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How to buy and sell Sirius Minerals shares

Sirius Minerals is a leading fertiliser development company, recently burdened by bankruptcy rumours and a dwindling share price. Learn more about Sirius Minerals and find out how you can take advantage of changes in the company. How to buy Sirius Minerals shares If you want to buy Sirius Minerals shares, you can choose between owning […]

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